Erin Parent (sladen) wrote in wpg_personals,
Erin Parent

Meh, May as well ^^

About Me
Name: Erin
Age: 22
Gender: Male
Interests & Hobbies: World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy XI, Video Games, Dungeons and Dragons, Reading, History, Anime, Stuff in General.
Relationship Status: Single

Significant Other(s):
Name: none
Age: none
Gender: none
Interests & Hobbies: none
Relationship Status: none

Looking For: someone kind, smart, attractive, someone who would enjoy my company.
Age Range: 20-24
Relationship Type: Dating
Gender: Female
Interests & Hobbies: roughly the same as mine, with their own different ones too.

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You look like someone I know.

freaky :|

that is kinda freaky, I thought I had all my clones locked up... I mean... aww nurtz
I suppose I shoulda mentioned in the above info thing that I'm weird in that silly funny way... yeah... most deffinately not in that wear your skin way... not at all...

I think I covered that up well.. wait.. is this still on? Aww nurtz

Seriously, you look so much like him.

it sends unerotic chills down my spine!
aww unerotic? damn, not being creepy enough, what's his name?


same beard and all.
I actually recently shaved my beard, and am now focusing on Muttonchops.... again I'm sure it's a side effect of the weirdness... anyway someone who looks like and is named Phil.. see, that's not Cool, my look isn't a Phil look... -sighs- aww well, I'm probably cooler than him anyway :D
I see.... You are not Phil....

Or so you claim not to be.
Nope, not Phil, I'm Erin all the way, sometimes Slade... but that's 'cause I play RPGs too much... GLEEE Jesus and a T-Rex! hawt! though I'm sure the T-rex woulda ate Jesus... apparently the blood and flesh of chirst are tasty.
u h8 jzuz

shame on u
I don't Hate him, never met the man. Just saying his blood and flesh are tasty, well.. maybe not the blood... not a big wine drinker, but I do love bread. ^^
i like bread too.

we have alot in common

Bread is known as the staple food of life... or something... Maybe not... can't remember any of my cooking class rhetoric anymore -cries-
Unless you're on the atkins diet.
I hear that atkins fellow died of a Heart attack. Kinda Ironic eh?


11 years ago


11 years ago


11 years ago


11 years ago

I've been called that throughout highschool... so there is the distinct possibility I'm the son of god. That would explain why I can turn water into wine...
nope, just WoW and FFXI, Possibly D&D online when it comes out in Feburary
:@ :@


OMG YOU'RE SO DEAD. :@ :@ :@

Oh Noes!

I've actually wanted to try Ultima Online, but I just never got around to getting it. Maybe I should look into it this year.
lolz your all like SHA-ZAM!
or somthing.